About Howard

My parents summoned me to this world back in 1989 and named me Howard, and they hope I can be the guardian of Liang Family one day. However, the weak genetic DNA didn't allow me to be a guardian, and I ended up to become a photographer. 



I studied four years Business Administration - Hospitality Management in CSUF, after graduated, I didn't sign up for a hotel career but headed to Air China as an Account Manager for local TMC and giants companies such as Boeing, Apple, and Sony.



Now, photography is my second life and evil twins. It occupied the rest of my time beside my main job; I self-study photography for seven years since 2012, and I mainly focus on indoor & outdoor portraits and events. I love to capture people's moments, and the expressions are what creating values. 

If you want to know me more, feel free to go over my portfolio, see my works, and hopefully, you like it.



Howard Liang